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How to slove the common failures of Hydraulic Power Packs?

How to slove the common failures of Hydraulic Power Packs?

1.If the motor does not work, please check if the connection circuit is correct.

2.When the motor works, the hydraulic cylinder does not rise or rises instability.

(1) The oil level in the hydraulic cylinder is too low, adding oil to the specified oil level;

(2) The viscosity of the oil is too large or too small.It is better to use hydraulic oil;

(3) The oil suction filter is blocked, clean or replace the filter;

(4) The oil suction pipe is not sealed or leak.Pls find out the leak, and repair or replace the oil suction pipe;

(5) The solenoid valve or manual valve is not closed, clean the solenoid valve, manual valve or use new valve;

In the hydraulic system, vibration sources (such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, motors, etc.) often cause resonance in the bottom plate, pipelines, etc.; or the resonance of components such as pumps and valves cause large noise. For this phenomenon, the natural vibration frequency of the pipeline can be changed by changing the length of the pipeline, and the installation position of some valves can be changed to eliminate it.

The hydraulic oil has deteriorated or has impurities. After the hydraulic oil has been used for a long time, there may be impurities in the hydraulic oil or it has deteriorated. Take a sample for inspection to see if it contains fluid particles, discoloration and odor. Change the hydraulic oil if necessary. The hydraulic pump is also a key factor affecting the flow of hydraulic oil. After a long time of use, the hydraulic pump will easily cause wear and tear. When the speed of the hydraulic lift platform becomes slow, you should check whether the oil supply flow of the hydraulic pump remains unchanged. If it is worn out, please contact the manufacturer in time to avoid the warranty period.

Post time: Mar-18-2022