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Hydraulic Power Pack product manual

Hydraulic Power Pack product manual

1.   System Operation Principle Description of 12V Hydraulic Power Pack

According to the design idea of your company, the working principle and sequence of the system are as follows:  

1. The motor rotates, drives the gear pump to absorb hydraulic oil through the coupling, and realizes the stretching action of the cylinder by the hydraulic oil.  

2. The motor does not rotate, and the solenoid valve coil is energized. Depending on the weight of the equipment, the cylinder begins to shrink.  The falling speed is controlled by the built-in throttle valve.

2.   System Debugging

1. Correctly install the system pipes and fix the oil tank as required.  Ensure that the pipeline does not leak oil and the system does not shake during operation.  

2. According to the preceding instructions, and check that the system circuits are connected correctly.  

3. Slowly inject clean no. 46 (or No. 32) anti-wear hydraulic oil into the oil tank through the refueling port. When the liquid level in the oil tank reaches 4/5 scale of the liquid level range, stop filling hydraulic oil and screw the breathing cap.  

4. According to the action principle of the system, repeat the operation of the first closing action in an orderly manner.  

5. The system pressure can be read by the indicator of the external hydraulic gauge.  According to the design idea of your company, our factory setting pressure is 20MPA.  

6. The pressure of the system can be adjusted by the relief valve.  (The adjustment method is as follows: loosen the outer nut of the relief valve and adjust the spool of the relief valve with an inner hexagon wrench. The spool of the relief valve is directly against the spool of the relief valve and adjusted clockwise to tighten the spool and increase the system pressure;  Counterclockwise control spool, spool loose, the system pressure becomes smaller.  You can check the system pressure by observing the pressure gauge switch.  When the target pressure is reached, tighten the external nut of the spool again.)  

7. The pressure directly affects the safety of the system and the normal use.  Operators are strictly prohibited to adjust without permission.  If your company’s operators adjust without permission, we will not be responsible for any consequences.  If it is necessary to adjust due to actual debugging, it shall be adjusted under the guidance of our technical personnel after contacting us, or directly adjusted by our people.  

8. It is a discontinuous working motor .  Maximum continuous pressure running time is 3 minutes each time.  After working continuously for 3 minutes, rest for 5-10 minutes before working again.  (Because the motor is a brush motor.  High working torque, fast heating.  Structure decisive, independent of product quality) 

3.System Maintenance

1. Because the system involves circuit control, it must be installed, debugated and maintained by professional electricians in strict accordance with the electrical operation specifications.  

2. When the system works normally, the temperature of hydraulic oil is generally between 30 ℃ and 55℃.  Do not expose the system to sunlight directly, and ensure that the system is well ventilated.  When the system is in high frequency use, more attention should be paid to the temperature of hydraulic oil. If the temperature of hydraulic oil is too high, stop using it immediately.  Wait for the oil to cool down and then use it.  

3. Connect pipes correctly and check the pipe condition frequently to prevent oil leakage.  

4. Hydraulic oil should be kept clean, and no. 46 (or No. 32) anti-wear hydraulic oil must be clean each time.  

5. The hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly.  The interval of the first hydraulic oil change is 3 months, and the interval of each subsequent change is 6 months.  The old hydraulic oil must be discharged totally and then inject the new hydraulic oil. (Fill oil from the breathing cover and drain oil from the drain port)  

6. If the hydraulic oil is dirty when replacing it, pls clean the filter.

Note: Our company has the full right to interpret this manual. If you have any questions, please contact us freely.

Post time: Oct-31-2022