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Hydraulic power unit failure and treatment method

Hydraulic power unit failure and treatment method

1. The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank is not in place, and the oil is added to the position 30 to 50 mm away from the oil port as required; 

2. If there is gas in the oil cylinder or oil pipe, remove the oil pipe and then install it; 

3. The wiring of the reversing valve wire is wrong, causing the reversing valve to fail to achieve the application function, and the oil returns from the reversing valve to the fuel tank. It is necessary to check whether the wiring of the reversing valve is correct; 

4. The pressure regulation of the pressure regulating valve is too small. At this time, it should be increased first, and then adjusted to a suitable pressure; 

5. The reversing valve or manual valve is not closed, remove it for cleaning or replacement; 

6. The seal of the oil outlet of the gear pump is damaged, remove and replace the seal.  

When electrical components or lines are disconnected or damaged, replace the electrical components in time. If the hydraulic power unit works for a long time, the oil temperature rises, the noise is loud, and the oil cylinder does not work normally or is out of control, it should stop working in time.


Post time: Jul-26-2022